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“Sharing food With a Moroccan Family .”

Moroccan cuisine is considered as one of the important cuisines in the world. Thanks to Morocco’s interactions with cultures and nations. Yes, it is correct that they are many restaurants that serve Moroccan food, but are you interested in sharing the meal with a Moroccan family?

Immerse yourself into the most fascinating culture, whilst learning from its heart and soul by an extremely unique experience in the joyful company of a local Fassi family!  A fantastic way to really understand and delve into Moroccan culture first-hand, and you’ll no doubt be touched by their beautiful hospitality and generosity whilst gaining an understanding of local culture and the etiquette involved in visiting a family.

 Here are some simple steps that you need to follow and they will welcome you with open hearts- not that you’d expect anything less anyway! This is Morocco after all…it is filled with the friendliest and most warming people you’ll ever meet.


*It is not a definite must, but it will be a nice gesture if you take fruit or a simple gift with you whilst visiting a family in Morocco. It doesn’t need to be too fancy. Just hit bab boujloud and you will find whatever you want there.

*For you female travellers, think carefully about what you wear .You’ll need to cover your body. It’s not appropriate to visit a Moroccan family with flesh on show. Moreover, visiting a Moroccan family might be a perfect time to wear something traditional like a “Jellaba” or “Gandoura”. Just take this chance while you are here in Morocco.

*There are different expressions of greeting but the most common one is “Salam” which means “Peace” ,and there are different styles of greetings as well eg: Generally, men in Morocco shake hands but women kiss each other on the cheek, sometimes three to four times!

*It is common courtesy to take off your shoes whilst entering a Moroccan home. This particularly refers to houses which are furnished with carpets. The gorgeous and wondrous craftworks that are displayed ever so magnificently are usually used for prayers, and they therefore need to be clean and rid of any dirt and dust.

* Please note that it’s not appropriate or acceptable to make conversation or laugh whilst the call to prayer can be heard. Doing so is deemed disrespectful.

*Smoking must be done outside, not indoors at any time.

*You’ll discover that Moroccans love their food -They love their food so much that they always enjoy sharing it. You’ll need to know that Moroccans eat the food with their right hand and they always eat what’s in front of them. So, when the food is on the table, you will know your triangle or section. It is simple, all what you need to do is to cut the bowl/dish with your eyes into fours, fives, the number depends only on how many people sitting arround the table but even if you eat from your triangle, you’ll find that the woman whose in charge will always push food into your side, or you can keep it cool with your knife and fork. Just be amazed at how the family mop up the juices from their divine tagines.



*Nowadays, Moroccans eat couscous using the fork but the tradition way is to roll up the gorgeous couscous in order to make it in to a quick-and-easy-to-eat ball. A fascinating sight; you’ll be trying to imitate them all night! (Note to self: don’t be disappointed if you can’t make a couscous ball straight away – they are born and bred with such techniques.)

*Finally, it will be great if you praise the food by saying ( L-makla bnina) which means (the food is delecious). It will make the family feel happy and pleased.


So follow these handy tips and you’ll be welcomed whole-heartedly into a Moroccan home. By the end of the night, you’ll no doubt get another invite. And with Moroccan’s being naturally warm and pleasant as ever, they will most probably say that your entire family can come round for couscous, whenever it is that they will visit Morocco.

[Zara Sekhavati]