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Croweded Medina Street

Capturing the Medina – A Photographic Tour of Fez

This tour focuses on exploring photography within a Muslim culture and understanding the place that this artistic genre takes in an environment that appears both alluring yet mystical at the same time. Learn about the basic principles of photography, exposure, ISO.s and improving overall technique to aid in capturing professional ...

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Aicha Dances_5506

Moroccan Traditional Dance

Info about Moroccan Dance The kind of dance Aicha Hatim Morelli teaches is traditional Moroccan dance. It draws on Arab, Berber and African influences. Dance is integral to the culture in Morocco, far more so than it is in the West. Both men and women dance, but it is mainly something done by women. ...

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Unveiling Beauty Secrets From Ancient Times

In this modern age of new world cosmetics we invite you into the world of ancient beauty secrets and where it all began. Participate in a 5 hour workshop that unearths traditional methods and natural beauty products that can easily be made in your own home by yourself or with ...

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