Plan-it Morocco...Inspiring your stay

“Are we in Paris or Fez?!” – Fashionable Fez.

Fez Fashion Day saw some of the funkiest and most trendy fashion designs at Jardin des Biehn last week. An event hosted by the French Institute and sponsored by, Fez Fashion Day hosted designers from all over the world, coming together to celebrate the exciting world of ‘la mode’. With work from successful designers, Anan Sorsutham originating from Thailand, Mahmoud Benslimaine from Tangier and Fez resident, half German-half Kazakh, Karina Duebner, the event paraded clothing which was one of a kind. An invite-only event, be sure to check out the pictures by Omar Chennafi, which have filled social media websites and online forums. The snaps are not to be missed by anyone who is creative with style or just loves to see hip new trends from those who are simply cool. The day before Fez Fashion Day, Karina, whose works of art have appeared in the likes of Vogue and Asian Woman under her label Tamerlane’s Daughters, answered a few fashion-ista questions. Not to mention, she was an absolute delight to meet!

Designer of Tamerlane's Daughters - Photo by Omar Chennafi


What makes Fez special to you in terms of being a fashion designer? 

KD: Fez is like a second home to me, splitting my time between here and London. I really like being able to go up to my terrace and being able to sketch. Fez is where I’m creative. Having lived here for a while and being considered part of the community, I just really want to show everyone what I’ve been doing and to share it with others. That’s what Fez Fashion Day is all about to me.

What do you think in general of Moroccan fashion?

KD: I just love how feminine Moroccan clothing is. I like the finish of the clothes here and the particular and fine attention to detail. The embellishments, the embroideries, it’s all very much made for a woman to wear. 

Finally, how are you feeling about Fez Fashion Day?

KD: Now that all the preparation is in order, I know exactly how it’s going to be run and organised, I feel good about it!

Karina was right to ‘feel good’ about the event, it was a remarkable success and a really enjoyable evening – very impressive. More fashion shows in Fez please!