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Stories of the Mellah – A Tour of the Jewish Quartier

Morocco is  home  to  one of the oldest jewish communities in the diaspora.

It dates back to 2000 years . It’s singular Jewish culture is the result of a fusion of varied traditions including : Berber, Herbatic, Andalusian, and Arab influences. Fez, the spiritual and cultural capital of Morocco par excelence, leaves its visitors with a unique experience.

Fez is the home of Al-Qarawiyeen university the oldest one in the world , where the famous Jewish philosopher Maimonides(Rambam) studied. It is also where the first Mellah, Jewish quartier in Morocco, was established in 1438.

This journey to Jewish Fez takes us into a history that shaped Sephardic Judaism,Visiting its synagogues, cemetery museum, and taking a walk in its street that once witnessed the presence of the Jewish families and grand rabbies, will remind us not only of how Moroccan life was/is like , but also of how was Jewish life in Spain before the expulsion of 1492, as Fez was destination of many of those Jews.  Today there is still a small, but vibrant, Jewish community in Fez with a functioning synagogue, kosher restaurant and a community centre.

Sites included in the Tour :

* Jewish cemetery of Fez

* Jewish cemetry museum

* House where Charles Foucauld was disguised as a rabbi

* 17 th centery synagogue  : Ben Danan

* The recently restored synagogue  :  El Fassiyeen

* The main street of the Mellah

* The Royal Palace

* The Maimonides Centre , wich is today the Jewish community centre

* Talmud Torah synagogue and Mimouna Club Fez office

Optional :

* Kosher meals

* Cultural events (Andalucian music,projection of films and documentaries related to Moroccan

Judaism ,etc.)

* Times available :upon request

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