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Rejuvenate & Revitalise With a Luxury Hammam Package

Using traditional methods, the spa and hammam creates a world of tranquility and rejuvenation, designed to soothe and pamper.

Choose from a range of unique body scrubs,  massages or one of our rejuvenating packages all designed to leave you feeling relaxed and revitalised during your stay in Fez:


Orange-Blossom Massage: A body massage using long, languorous movements to soothe the body and aid digestion.

Toning Massage: A body massage using three essential oils designed to improve circulation and muscle tone.

Oriental Foot Massage: Combining essential oils of tea and lemon, this massage provides total relaxation.

Olive Oil Soap Scrub: Using a traditional soap based on olive and eucalyptus oils, the whole body is scrubbed using an exfoliating glove for deep cleansing and skin stimulation.

Ghassoul Body Mask: A mask made from local clay is applied to the body, face and hair, softening and toning the skin.


Alf  Ehsas Treatment: Bio Massage,  Hammam, Thousand Senses Steam Bath

Boustan Alazhar Treatment: Thousand Senses Steam Bath, Traditional Hammam, Pedicure with Salts and Rose Petals, Manicure with Aromatic Flowers

Jamal Fez Treatment: Thousand Senses Steam Bath, Ancestral Hammam, Oriental Massage of face, hair and scalp, Manicure with Aromatic Spices, Pedicure with Amlou paste.

Shams wlkamar Treatment: Thousand Senses Steam Bath, A Thousand and One Nights Hammam, Relaxing massage, Pedicure with Orange-blossom water, Manicure with honey, Facial ‘Fassi Flower’

We can also organize manicurists  pedicurists and hairdressers that are available to visit you in your own riad.

Treat yourself, leave your stress behind, and travel in good health. Bisahah!

*Available : any day of the week 

*Duration : 1.5 Hours

*Minimum no.of people required: 2 people

*Single Supplement available

*Clients will be met at their Riad in the Medina  and escorted to and from the Hammam 

* Escort provided

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