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Moroccan Patisserie Class

Indulge your sweet tooth and learn how to prepare Moroccan patisseries as well as discovering this important cultural practice.  A Moroccan feast is not complete without sweets, in particular, patisseries play an integral roll in every day life in Fez. The ancient city is famous for it’s diverse and traditional sweets with a multitude available everyday at the local souks.

Meet our foodie experts            Making it yourself

Spend the day with a Moroccan family to prepare 4 to 5 different traditional Fassi Moroccan sweets. After meeting the local family you will together experience the everyday ritual of visiting the souk (market place) to gather the ingredients. Once you have immersed yourself in the busy medina souk you will return to the family home to begin preparing the sweets.  This preparation will demonstrate to you not only the techniques of the patisserie making process as well as introduce you to the long standing traditions of sweets in the Moroccan culture, starting with the introduction of sugar from the Jewish community.

Sellou            Shebbakia

Visit the public bakery (farran) to cook your Fassi Moroccan patisseries, where you will discover the importance of the communal baking process. Finally prepare your very own Moroccan mint tea to enjoy with your fresh baked Fassi sweets.

Class includes:

  • shopping trip to local souk
  • hands on preparation of patisseries
  • visit to the local farran (traditional bakery)
  • Enjoy the prepared sweets with delicious Moroccan mint tea

Available: Every day except Friday afternoon

Duration: 3 hours

Child Friendly Rating: *****

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