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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why book with Plan-it Fez ?

    Basically? Because we care. We really care about the experiences you have during your stay in Fez as it is a place we feel truly passionate about. Because of that, we’ve created experiences that are way beyond the ‘norm’ and give you an unmatchable, memorable connection to the culture and the people who are here.  We’ll ensure that every part of the process, from booking to having an amazing day (or two or three) and to following up afterwards.
  • Do you only offer day activities or can I book an itinerary?

    Our focus is to provide a wide variety of activities and experiences that are a half days and full days as we know that the kind of people who like new experiences also want to enjoy discovering Fez independently and at their own pace on some days. For 3-day, 4-day or one week packages of similar activities e.g. a culinary week in Fez or a diverse mixture of activities that will really see you uncovering the ‘real’ Fez, see our packages section of the web-site. With our extensive experience, and our understanding of clients’ needs, we are more than happy to offer tailor-made itineraries. We’ll build in what we think is a good balance of ‘hands-on’ workshops, down-time in special places and well-timed, well-planned dining experiences to make your stay truly inspired. For packages we are happy to arrange your accommodation and will work closely with you to understand your budget needs and holiday aspirations.
  • What if I need transport?

    Some clients may be including Plan-it Fez experiences within part of their booked itinerary which will include transport. Others may want us to provide the transport for day trips within the region. As the largest urban car-free zone in the world, our Medina activities do not require transport. With our private chauffeur services you may just want us to provide transport only for exploring on your own. The main thing is - the choice is yours.
  • If I’m staying at a Riad will Plan-it Fez arrange for someone to take me to the venue of our booked activity?

    Most of our activities include a representative who will accompany you throughout the day.

    Where this is not included (for example cooking classes at Clock Kitchen) we can provide the service at an additional cost.

  • What about your prices?

    You’ll notice that we do not show prices on our web-site. This is due to a variety of factors reflected in pricing such as the following -: group size, personal requests, whether transport or lunches are included or not, seasonality, the amount of skilled artisans or experts required for a group as opposed to a couple.  What we can assure you is that our pricing reflects the quality and service levels that you would expect from a specialist provider whose aim is also to support the sustainability of local collaborators.

  • What if I’m inexperienced in my chosen activity/workshop I want to book with Plan-it Fez? E.g. never really cooked/drummed/taken photos or done yoga……….? Does it matter?

    Absolutely not, our activities are designed to give you a totally new experience in a unique environment. Our workshops or tours with experts, photographic, culinary, musical, artistic or sports, are all able to work with clients of any level, whether for complete beginners, enthusiasts, or advanced level.