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Experience the Holy Month of Ramadan in Fez

If you find yourself visiting Fez between 28th June to 28th July 2014 you will notice a different atmosphere. During this holy month the city comes to life after dark, and remains calm and quiet during day hours. 
To help you experience the Moroccan culture during Ramadan we offer specialist workshops and classes. Some of our regular tours remain as normal, however there will be some changes to our popular culinary activities. 
Special Ramadan Activities include:
F’tour with a local family
Traditionally the day time for a Moroccan Woman during Ramadan involves a lengthy preparation of the first meal after a day of fasting. This meal to break the fast is called ‘F’tour’. A special table setting is prepared, with a variety of Moroccan breads, fruits, dates, milk, juice, harira soup, Moroccan sweets, eggs, tagines, fish, bessara (fava bean soup) along with tea and coffee. The spread of food varies greatly depending on the region of Morocco. You can experience this sacred meal with a local Fassi family throughout the table setting process, with the call of prayer signifying the beginning of break-fast, beginning with dates and milk before progressing into the feast. 
Tasting Trails by Night
After the break-fast the Medina will come to life. With a foodie expert you will wind the streets of the souks in a casual walk to introduce you to the street cuisine tasting along the way. You will visit different food souks allowing the chance to try traditional Moroccan street food including dried meats, milawi, harsha, briwats, spicy sardines, spicy potato cakes, snail soup, stuffed camel spleen, olives and more. This tour will be greatly focused on the traditional foods of Ramadan and will the perfect way to experience the local culture and atmosphere during this unique month. 
Photography by Night
Capture the life of the Fez Medina after dark. You will tour with a local photographer to assist you during this workshop. This activity will take you to hidden streets to witness the everyday life of the Medina with ease. 
Clock Cooking School
The famous Cafe Clock will be offering cooking classes as per usual throughout Ramadan. This is one of the limited ways to experience Moroccan cooking during Ramadan.
Our regular Medina tours, both full and half days, will be available during Ramadan. Fez by Night tours will be subject to availability.
Please contact us for more details.