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Drums Styles in Fez

Drums are probably the world’s oldest musical instrument. They are usually played by striking with the hand, or with one or two sticks. In many traditional cultures, drums have a symbolic function and are used in religious ceremonies. They are often used in music therapy because of their tactile nature and easy use.


There are so many varieties of drums in Morocco like :

-Bendir : is a frame round drum which originates in Morocco. Frame drums are among the oldest and most versatile of drums. Many cultures have frame drums: the Egyptian “rik”, the Brazilian “pandeiro”, the middle eastern tar and “bendir”, and native American versions.


 – Qarkabeb (zills). The patterns do not usually begin with a ‘dum’ and the rhythms have an unusual swing , which creates a hypnotic repetitive quality. This is why these patterns are used in “Gnaoua” healing ceremonies to induce a trance-state. The drums are usually accompanied by a singer and a “qimberie” (bass) and clapping.

-Taarija: is a Moroccan drum, single skin and tube, played singly. While the tube may be metal (e.g., silver), it is typically made of baked clay. In some areas, tara’ij are traditionally given to children at the holiday of Aashura; a boy’s drum has a plain baked-clay tube, and a girl’s drum is painted in brightly colored patterns. 

-Darbouka: Large Moroccan Hand Drum, This Large Moroccan Darabuka sounds great it is ceramic, hand made with a colorful dyed goat skin.


If you are keen to learn how to make your own traditional drum, don’t hesitate to contact us!