Plan-it Morocco...Inspiring your stay

Inspiring your Stay


Traditions of Henna Tatooing

Henna (scientifically known as -Lawsonia Inermis-) is well known in the Arab and Muslim world and is mainly used for cosmetic purposes. In various parts of the world Henna was and still is used in festivals and ceremonies like the Moroccan weddings. It’s traditionally known that the bride paint Henna ...

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Bread baking in the Faran

Moroccan Bread “khubz”

 “Khubz” is a Moroccan Arabic word for bread. There are other words for bread like “the Tashelhit” word “Aghrom”, “the Tamazight” word ” Kesra”, and the French word “pain”.   “Khubz” is a traditional Moroccan meal served on a daily basis and it is used to scoop up meat, vegetables, ...

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“Sharing food With a Moroccan Family .”

Moroccan cuisine is considered as one of the important cuisines in the world. Thanks to Morocco’s interactions with cultures and nations. Yes, it is correct that they are many restaurants that serve Moroccan food, but are you interested in sharing the meal with a Moroccan family? Immerse yourself into the ...

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Fresh meant tea

A Guide to Mint Tea : “The Heart of Moroccan Culture.”

Touareg tea, tuareg tea ,mint tea or Moroccan mint tea, whatever you choose to call it– it is the staple drink of Morocco- From now on, We’ll just simply call it mint tea and tell you all you need to know about the most common beverage in Morocco.   The basic background of it, ...

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Sacred Music

<<No matter the complex geopolitical realities of history, in the eyes of this Arab poet Andalusia was not simply Utopia but the very apogee of harmony. He was an aficionado and aesthete passionate about the poetic Orient, and saw Andalusia as a paradise where the monotheistic faith was nourished and ...

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