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Inspiring your Stay

argan nuts

Another Gem of the Souks – “Argan Oil.”

  There are an endless amount of clichés thrown around about the descriptions of the souks of the medina. Taste, touch, sight and smell – we’ve already heard about how your senses come alive and that you can smell the most wonderful herbs, seductive foods and even remarkable potions. The ...

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Experience the Holy Month of Ramadan in Fez

If you find yourself visiting Fez between 28th June to 28th July 2014 you will notice a different atmosphere. During this holy month the city comes to life after dark, and remains calm and quiet during day hours.    To help you experience the Moroccan culture during Ramadan we offer ...

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Why Rose Water of Kelaa M’Gouna?

A small town famous for roses. It takes its name from M’Goun Mountain. It is the center of rose production in Morocco that’s why you will smell the scents whilst you are approching it some 50 Km from Skoura. It’s -Kelaa M’Gouna-. In the late spring, Kelaa M’Gouna is like ...

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Olives of Morocco

Introduced and re-introduced over the centuries, olive cultivation is at the heart of Moroccan cuisine and culture. Ever seen a table of different types of olives packed so tightly in neat tapering piles? If not, you need to visit the souks of Morocco where succulent olives are available from souks ...

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The Jewish Neighborhoods in Morocco “Mellahs”

Mellah, derived from the Arabic word “ملح” meaning salt, was built in 14th century as a part of ” the new town”. Close to the Royal palace, the Mellah is a Jewish neighborhood. Houses here are constructed in Jewish/Moor style : an interior courtyard, the Spanish patio where rooms are ...

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