Plan-it Morocco...Inspiring your stay

Inspiring your Stay

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Fez-Secret Luxury

FEZ is the most medieval city of the Arab world. It has the best preserved old city and it is famous for its ancient walls. Through Fez, you can see the soul of the culture alive in the traditional music, ancient places, people, and everything around you. Even other cities become more modern ...

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Morocco is The Home of Traditional Dances

Morocco has different traditional dances and musical styles rooted in Arab, Berber and African culture. The Moroccan arts reflect the many cultural backgrounds and ethnicity that have found their home in Morocco. That’s why the Moroccan dance varies from one place to another. As a visitor, you can experience these ...

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Drums Styles in Fez

Drums are probably the world’s oldest musical instrument. They are usually played by striking with the hand, or with one or two sticks. In many traditional cultures, drums have a symbolic function and are used in religious ceremonies. They are often used in music therapy because of their tactile nature and ...

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Women Dress

Dress Codes in Morocco

Morocco is a Muslim country and like in any other Muslim Country , showing respect as a visitor to the locals in thee way that you dress is always a good idea. The following gives you some insight into dress codes and some tips on what’s considreed appropriate clothing for ...

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Moroccan Orange Blossom Water “Lma Zhar”

In Morocco, orange water is a symbol of luck and it has a strong scent. Orange water is served as perfume or freshener and it’s usually given in a special silver or metal container, called a siniya, to guests to wash their hands upon entering the house or before drinking tea as ...

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